Saturday, September 9, 2017


Hello, beautiful people, I'm sorry I was gone for a while. Our religious month (4 weeks) of Ramadan came then following my Bday came so my family from Chicago came to stay with me. Following that my husband and I left for our Honeymoon vacation all over in Europe for more than three weeks. Which I can't wait to share all the amazing pictures and details from our trip. So I'm just getting back to my normal routine.  Anyways, back to today's post is probably one of my favorite style combination. EDGY WITH CHIC. If you all following me, you guys probably know by now that how much I love funky, fun and think outside of the box kind of outfits. LOL, this is one of them, I absolutely loved pairing this very chic and tight skirt with a sharp leather jacket. Of course, the heels were a must with my look! 
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Jacket: Nordstrom
Skirt: (Gift) Saks Fifth Avenue
Cami: Forever 21
Glasses : Chanel Nordstrom 
Heels: Macy's 

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Hello my beautiful friends!! I can't believe how quickly time is flying, its already almost summer. Since the weather still goes from cold to warm , it makes outfit picking confusing. But like ALWAYS I come up with something pretty cray. So this time since the weather has been so cray from hot to cold. I decided to take full advantage and paired A SHAWL WITH MY OFF SHOULDER dress. Yes you're reading this right! Pretty crazy right? I couldn't have found a better excuse to wear such a fun combo like I did with this outfit. When I was having this photo-shoot a lot of people stopped and complimented me so I guess my outfit isn't as crazy as I thought it was. A lot of people seem to be admiring this unique pair of outfit. I'm so glad I did went with this look, what's a outfit? If you don't have fun with it. Right? LOL 
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Dress: Chicwish 
Shawl: Banana Republic
Heels: Macys
Purse: Chole Nordstrom 
Glasses: Chanel Nordstrom 
Necklace: Ann Taylor 

Monday, April 3, 2017


There is nothing like fun colors and cute statement shawls, mixed together? Creates a fun, artsy and colorful look. Which I LUV, and feel it goes well with the month of April since spring has finally sprung!  Fun outfits really add more to my day.  I absolutely loved wearing this striped sweater with a red mini skirt. I wanted to feel colorful and go along with my favorite season.  To top it all, I paired this outfit with my big shawl and my favorite nude purse
P.S. never be afraid to show your creative side through your outfits!

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Sweater: J.crew 
Shawl: ZARA
Skirt: Express
Glasses: Chanel Nordstrom 
Shoes: Ann Taylor
Purse: CHOLE Nordstrom 


Thursday, February 23, 2017


Hey everyone first I'd like to start with an apology for not being able to blog. I know it's been few months since I haven't posted anything and I am truly sorry for that. As I mentioned in my earlier posts that I was engaged and getting married. Well, I got married recently and it was so many events and parties. Right after the wedding the whole family and I went for a month long Europe vacation. So I had no time to blog and it has been crazy last few months with the whole wedding planning, last minute errands and traveling. Oh, and did I mention that I moved from Chicago to California? So I am still adjusting and with the new move and settling in. Feels so good to be able to blog and catch up! So excited to be sharing this super quick outfit look from this past weekend four season stay. It was such a super relax one-night stay that I wanted to look cute and still feel relaxed. So I picked out the comfiest pair of wide leg denim and paired with a denim jacket. It added such a "think outside of the box" vibe to it. I didn't do much styling to the outfit since I was in love with the denim on denim look. I just layered my outfit with a sexy cami, a simple necklace, and cute gold flip flops. I looked STAY-CATION ready at such lovely resort while feeling so comfy.

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Denim Jacket: The Limited
Denim Wide Pants:
Black Cami:
Necklace: Forever 21
Flip Flops: Macy's