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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Travel Diaries: Athens, Mykonos, Santorini

Hello beautiful people, today's blog is another travel diary from our honeymoon trip. Our next stop after Istanbul Turkey was GREECE. We started with a mini quick stop in Athens for two days then followed with beautiful islands Mykonos and Santorini. All the locations were simply breathtakingly beautiful. Even Athens was pretty amazing, I wasn't expecting too much from it but it really took me by surprise. We walked around in the downtown city, ate some amazing gyros and visited the ruins. The city area in Athens is just so beautiful, all the energy and people is pretty cool. After all the crazy walking in Athens, we finally got to relax when we reached the islands. We first did Mykonos, and it was just such a cool small town. It becomes a loud party town at nighttime. During the daytime, people usually chill out relax and night time is when they get ready for party time. We got to Mykonos pretty early in the morning, and our hotel was just outstanding, we chilled there and then for most of the day we discovered the town, (city) since Mykonos is a small island, we pretty much covered the town quickly. After all the town hunting we really relaxed and enjoyed our rest of the stay there. Finally, we got to our most awaited destination Santorini and it was just so dreamy. So lively, colorful and beautiful. We stayed in a town called Fira and it was sooo amazing just a little crowded but the views, nightlife, and the food were really nice. We also visited one of the popular town Oia, it’s known for its sunsets but the whole village was extremely breathtaking. Sooo much beauty it has to offer that we visited that town two days in a row. Now for my outfits, I tried to keep them fun and lively just like the towns. Starting from Mykonos I kept the look comfy with a hint of sexy, fun and cute. Then in Santorini, I went for colors and fun, it matched the Santorini vibes. I loved taking pictures there cause no matter where I took pictures everything was just so beautiful that I didn’t need to find “ the perfect background”! I really hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog post as I had so much fun sharing with you guys. Until next time xoxo!!