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Saturday, March 29, 2014

April Beautiful Basics

 April is almost here and perfect time to bring out spring colorful beauty looks. To complete your beauty needs, I will give you some of my personal favorite makeup must haves for this spring season. 

Lip Sticks: I love having a pop of color, especially during the spring season. My favorite colors during the April month are Diva by MAC, Heroine by MAC, Penthouse Sweet by Wet and Wild (the Fergie collection) Stoplight Red Feu Rouge by Wet and Wild  and the Wannabe Cream by Lancome. These shades are like my go to colors I love these shades because you don't need too do much with your eyes as these shades pull out a very playful look in my opinion. They are just gorgeous and easy to pull almost any kind of look you desire, you beauties should definitely check them out!

Concealer/ Foundation: I'm always in the hunt for the perfect concealer and I think I found something that really fits me well. Its just super great for hiding my dark circles. Its the one and only MAC Pro LongWear Concealer. This is  always a must have for me for all year round. I have been obsessed with the Covergirl 3in1 Outlast Stay Foundation. it has the SPF 20, primer and foundation itself. It just applies to your skin so beautifully, it blends well and it doesn't look cakey, it gives the natural skin look even though its full coverage.    

Blushes, eyeliners and mascaras: I have been in love with the Mauve Mystique Shimmer blush by Estee Lauder. It's such a pretty shimmer pinkish color it adds a very pretty playful color to your tone. I also like the Immortal Flower by MAC I think it's perfect for all year round, it's such a beautiful peachy coral color to always have. I believe you can never go wrong with this shade. When it comes to picking out my eyeliners and mascaras I'm very picky. Since I hate it when eyeliners smudge  and I like the long lasting ones. Few of the eye liners I would suggest are: Double Wear zero smudge by Estee Lauder I have been using it for over a year and its just so amazing. Its very easy to apply it DOESN'T smudge at all, and its long lasting you apply it once and it lasts you forever. My second favorite is the MAC Pro Longwear pencil eyeliner it doesn't smudge either. I always struggled finding the right Mascara since they don't give me the long lashes results or they dry up very quickly. Even though I tried the high end products they still didn't work for me. So what did my lashes justice?The L'oreal Telescopic Mascara. It makes my eyelashes look so big it separates them and it makes my eyes look a whole lot better.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring 101 Guide

My most favorite season is here the which is the spring season. It means beautiful colors and the easy breezy weather. However, its hard for some of us when it comes to switching our wardrobe to spring and summer time. So here are my few tips for this SPRING SEASON.   

Floral Prints: I absolutely love floral prints I think it is perfect for spring. Floral dresses and pants are my top picks for floral prints. I usually style my floral pants with white and pink shades shirts/tops. You may go light or dark depending on the colors of your floral pants.

I go for lighter shades shirts/tops when i'm pairing them with floral pants  because I pick out bright and colorful pants. When it comes to floral dresses, I don't do much styling with them. I just pair it up with a statement necklace and some cute heels, wedges or flip flops and I'm ready to go! 

Skater skirts, maxi skirts: The best way to look spring ready is wearing skirts. My two favorite skirts for this season are the skater and maxi skirts. In my upcoming blogs I shall be showing you a few examples on how you may wear and style them. You can always wear your maxi skirts with a crop top and sweaters like I wore mine in my earlier blog. You may also wear it with a shirt tucked in. Skater skirt always looks good with stockings in my opinion, it just adds more style to your outfit. You can also have your shirt/top over your skater skirt. Remember to pick out playful colors when choosing these skirts.   

 Bright color blazer with BOYFRIEND JEANS: Oh my God! This is my new obsession, I'm all about comfort and effortless style. Since its spring I think this look is perfect for the spring season, it's so comfy yet stylish. All you need to have is popping color blazers, such as orange, pink, purple and red. Pair it up with your favorite boyfriend jeans with some heels or wedges. Oh and don't forget your chunky necklace to finish off your look.   

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Health Care

Hey guys it's finally spring! That means good weather and that calls for easy breezy outfits. Some of us will be wearing shorts, mini skirts, sleeveless dresses and short dresses. Now in order to look good in these outfits, it is a good idea to start toning up and get healthy. I believe workouts and eating healthy goes hand in hand. Its better to do both in my opinion however some of us don't get enough time to go workout, and that's okay. You can eat healthy and it might help you to lose some weight or just help you stay on track! So let me give you few of my easy everyday tips! 

Oatmeal start off your day right with a bowel of oatmeal. You can add milk or water. Its simple and faster to make for your busy day schedules. Yet its really healthy for you includes tons of fiber which cleans your inside and the oatmeal keeps you full and focused. Fruits are optional if you add them its even better! 

Fruits! Yummm my personal favorite snacks to eat throughout the day. Do you ever feel hungry in middle of the day? Or crave for something sweet? If you do FRUITS are your answer. As they satisfy your sweet cravings along with giving you so many benefits. Here are some benefits of my favorite fruits. Orange: Amazing for your skin, it keeps your skin fresher which makes your skin look brighter. Cherries: helps your cells protect from Cancer. Apples: Prevents diarrhea and Constipation and protects your heart.

 Green Tea: Green teas are great! Few cups a day can help with your weight-loss, good for your skin and helps with your diabetes. These are just few benefits of green tea but it's really good for your weight loss.

Protein Yogurt: Amazing source of protein which aids in muscle built up. Keeps you focused it has less crabs and more protein. You can also add chickpeas for taste. You can eat it with your meals as well, I use the Fage protein yogurt available at your local grocery stores.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rock out with a pair of Converse

A quick style tip to all my street-style, edgy and effortless ladies. Sometimes you just not in the mood of "skirts, heels, dresses or fancy tops" sometimes you just want wear something bit more cozy and laid back! Or maybe your style is street-style and edgy. Which ever mood or style you are, you can always look stylish and glam up with few of my easy converse shoes tip and the outfits you can wear with these shoes. 

 A nice loose fitted top over your boyfriend jean.

The best way to feel comfy is my favorite boyfriend jeans. Go stylish with a cardigan or blazer. 

    Converse Power! You can pair this with my above outfit idea or you can pair this with almost anything such as shorts and even skater skirt. It will also look good with a pair of any kind of jeans a with tang top and big chunky belt.

Hipster Retro

I was feeling really retro the other night. Almost like the "70's" girl. So I choose a Red dress now this dress was like very lose fitting wise. It makes you look thinner but since I was feeling so retro I added a golden belt and that made it more fitted. To make it the hippy style I picked a head wrap. I didn't do much with my hair just straighten them and parted side ways or whichever way you like and set my head wrap. To add more chicness I also added my chunky flower necklace from Forever 21, brown tights and golden heels from DSW Shoes.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Flowers

 I am so ready for spring guys! To kick of the month of March I picked out a perfect cold day outfit! A perfect balance for Spring yet the cold weather. I picked out a white crop sweater its perfect for a cold day weather with a blue maxi skirt from Zara. This skirt is perfect for spring look and the sweater is great for a cold day. To add more statement to it I throw in a black clutch perfect for a date night! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

About Me

Hi guys my name is Zee, I'm a 19 year old girl who loves fashion, fitness and beauty. I enjoy being creative, I love card making, decorating empty spaces, designing and styling outfits, modeling and photography. Having all these interests I finally decided to write about things I love and hopefully inspire others spreading my love and knowledge to all. Through this blog I will show you daily affordable outfits styled by me, some of my designed creations, beauty secrets, skin care tips and how to stay healthy! So let me be your style and beauty guide as you enjoy my creative journey for all things fabulous. Any questions or inquiries email me at follow me on Instagram @Zeezstyle

Fall means skirts

So today I'm pulling out a street style look with a bit of eddyness! Having my vest makes me more edgy and I wanted to go girly so I paired it up with my express tight skirt and my favorite Aldo heels! This look is a mixedstyle depending on my mood I felt edgy and girly so I mixed them in.