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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Eat Yummy While Losing Weight

Hey guys it’s time for another Zee’s dosage of knowledge and this time I'm back with another post about healthy weight loss guide. So let’s get started!

Now I hear many people saying it’s super hard for them to lose weight or maintain healthy weight. One of the reason people say because it’s hard eating healthy giving up junk food. Some also complain about working out since it’s painful and they get tired quickly and I agree it can be hard to eat right to go workout daily. Believe me I been there but after constantly researching of eating something tasteful and still be able to lose weight.  I think I found some healthy slimming foods and yet tasty that worked well for me. Keep in mind losing weight takes effort, time and motivation it’s also a good idea do exercise. Even 30 minutes of cardio helps and remember to eat 5 small meals a day too keeps your metabolism going.

Beans: Kidney beans/white beans have protein and fiber amazing too boost your metabolism. I love them because I find them really tasty I usually make kidney beans with one tablespoon or less using the olive oil and add some salsa and boom I have an amazing tasty recipe ready. Not to mention it has several health benefits. You can eat this for lunch or dinner; you can also eat with a side of brown rice and some protein low fat yogurt.  For recipes info contact me at

Avocados:  This sucker keeps you full so you don't feel hungry. This also helps kills belly fat by providing fiber and protein. Avocados are amazing to eat as a snack to keep you energized throughout the day.

Eggs:  Filled with protein to control your appetite eggs are great source of protein. They are just yummy way to get your protein of the day. It has 60/70 calories per egg and also are good source of vitamins. I always make my eggs without the yellow yolk egg whites and I pick the organic ones.  To add flavor I always put onions, tomatoes and green peppers that just make it so scrumptious. Eat for breakfast or after workout! For recipes info contact me at  

Salmon: A great way to get lean meat protein, much better than red meat and no extra fat. You may add your own spices eat it with a side of brown rice or alone with vegetable an amazing healthy yummy dinner. I always grill or bake my fish I NEVER FRY IT because again we want to focus on losing weight.

Bananas: GO BANANAS because this fruit is a great tool for your weight loss, it fills you up and kills those sweet tooth cravings that you may have.  Not to mention it boost your metabolism and amazing snack for the day especially if you're craving something sweet.  Eat it for breakfast or anytime of the day you like for healthy snacking.



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